Knowing Your Options

Being faced with an unwanted pregnancy can be one of the most stressful times in a woman’s life. It’s important to consider all available options because this will affect other people as well, not just yourself. It affects your family, friends, and future child. Abortion is available and is one option. In many cases, the woman ultimately feels that although the pregnancy and timing are unwanted, the child is not. Unplanned but not unwanted. With this mindset, you have two options, and both are equally responsible: adoption or parenting.

Do you have extra funds for diapers, clothing, among other things? If you do not, can you locate resources in your area or ask for help from relatives? You can save money on daycare If you stay home with your baby; however, it’s a catch-22 because usually, these days mothers need an income in addition to the father’s income.

Another factor to consider is whether the father will be present. If he reacts poorly to the news of the baby, will he act with the best interest of the child and provide both financial and emotional support for this child and for yourself? If he will step up and be a parent with you, then you definitely can choose to raise the child as a team. Some women even choose to be a single parent if they feel confident.

Sometimes, women do not see parenting their child as a feasible option at that stage of life. Some want to finish high school or college. If they are not financially stable and know the father will not contribute to a household income or commit to being a parent as well, then looking for a family who can provide for the child can be a wonderful option.

Adoption is different now; it isn’t a secretive, closed scenario of fear and negativity. Open adoption provides mothers a chance to place their baby with a family of their choosing. This family can provide stability for the child and arrangements can be made for phone calls, emails, and visits for the birth family and child. Some live near each other and can get together quite frequently; others live far apart. It depends on what you choose as an expectant mother.

This option is not easy for an expectant mother but often is the best for the child. You also would bring great joy to a family for placing a baby with them. It’s a beautiful outcome of an unplanned pregnancy. | Sitemap | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service