3 Ways to Cope with an Unwanted Pregnancy

Dealing with an unwanted pregnancy can be harrowing even for those who feel like they have their life relatively together. Having a child is a huge undertaking for most and generally a scary experience at one point or another. When pregnancy is unwanted, it is vital to find ways to cope with the stress, not only for the baby’s health but for your health. Having options to find support will be crucial from the very beginning of an unwanted pregnancy. Here are three ways to cope with an unwanted pregnancy, including who you might turn for help.

1. Family Support

Telling your family about your unwanted pregnancy may seem like the worst plan in the world when you first learn you are pregnant. However, unless your safety and general well being are at stake, the grief you may receive may be worth the support you will find. It doesn’t mean your family has to support the action of you being pregnant; however, many are often amazed at the love and support they receive from their family once the shock subsides. It is better to share earlier the news about your pregnancy since you will need the support. Telling early to your family is also better than them finding of it by accident.  

2. Pregnancy Center

Many towns are fortunate enough to have pregnancy centers available that aid you in the event of an unwanted or crisis pregnancy. Not only can these centers often provide proof of pregnancy, but they will also have information on who you might contact for prenatal care and financial assistance if needed. If you so choose, they can also often connect you with resources about adoption. Once your child is born, they are often able to help with anything your child might need, from formula to clothing. A quick internet search should turn up anything available in your specific area.

3. Exploring Options

When coping with an unwanted pregnancy, one way to lessen your stress is to come up with a plan. While nine months may seem like a long time, it is important to begin exploring your options early. It does not mean you have to make any rushed decisions, but it will be helpful to know what you can do if you choose to parent or place for adoption. If adoption is an option you are considering, you can view information here on where to start and how to approach your decision. If you are wondering about being ready to parent, then balance the support of your family as well as the needs of your child. You may find that while it may be hard, parenting might be a real choice and one you want in this case. Whatever you decide, by exploring early your options will help you begin the coping process and help your health overall.

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