3 Resources When You’re Facing An Unwanted Pregnancy

Are you facing an unwanted pregnancy? Are you in what seems to be an impossible situation?  Is it not the right time to be pregnant? Did you get pregnant with a person who you don’t see a future with? Or did the person who you thought loved you, leave you and now you face the frightening prospect of raising a child on your own? The negative feelings may be overwhelming. Abortion may cross your mind. But there are other options. Here are three other places to get help if you are a facing an unwanted pregnancy.


  • Pregnancy Resource Centers

A Pregnancy Resource Center, also known as a Crisis Pregnancy Center, focuses on the pregnant woman as well as their unborn child. Some of their services may include free pregnancy tests, parenting classes, prenatal development classes, counseling, life coaching, and free supplies such as diapers, baby wipes, etc. These centers give you full information on what to expect in labor and delivery and beyond. These centers respect you as a person and will be there for you regardless of what you decide to do. They may even provide post-abortion counseling if needed. Some centers have programs for dads as well. These centers perform these services free of charge. Click the link below for more information:



  • Adoption Resources

Adoption is a beautiful option if a woman does not choose to parent the baby. It is beautiful because it provides three solutions.

First, it solves the problem for the pregnant woman who does not want to or cannot raise the child she is pregnant with. Adoption provides another loving family who will love and raise him or her. Adoption agencies can assist a pregnant woman in creating a “life plan” for their child which may include choosing that family and staying involved in that child’s life.  

Adoption also helps is the adoptive family who may be experiencing the pain of infertility. They may be waiting for someone just like you to come along who wants to place their child in their home. You may be the answer to their hopes and dreams!

Finally, adoption helps the child. Adoption grants a child a life in a family that promises not only to love them but to care for and to protect him or her. Whatever the circumstances, remember this: your pregnancy may be unwanted, but your child is not. 


  • The Faith Community

No one likes to be judged, especially when facing a crisis pregnancy. The reason why most women probably avoid the faith community is for fear of being judged. However, in the faith community, a pregnant woman can also find the hope and the help that she needs. In many places, a pregnant woman does not need to be a part of that faith in order to receive help. If you decide to keep your baby, the faith community can provide counseling, prayer, support, babysitting for free and with no obligation. Reach out to friends and family that are already connected to the faith community and get recommendations. Reach out to churches that have strong children’s, young moms, or orphan ministries. You may find the help you need.

Being alone and pregnant when you don’t want to be can be depressing. But don’t lose hope.  Think outside of the box. There is a myriad of choices. Choose one that is right for you and your baby.

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