3 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself While Facing An Unwanted Pregnancy

Facing an unwanted pregnancy is not something anyone really prepares for. You may think that you know what you will do, how you will act in that situation, but when you are in it, circumstances have a tendency to change. Relationships may be affecting your decision and you may be questioning your preconceived notions. While it is a given that a decision must be made, one of the most important aspects of this process will be taking care of yourself. Regardless of the decision you make between parenting and adoption, you will need to be strong in both circumstances. The amount of strength you will need to make and then carry out this decision will affect you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is important to know how to keep all three of those areas healthy.


The first thing that comes to mind when addressing your physical health in an unwanted pregnancy is, of course, to be active in taking care of the baby. The pregnancy may come as a shock, and you may not have even yet made a decision, but early prenatal care will matter, no matter the decision for both you and your baby. See a doctor as soon as you can and make sure you are following all the rules of pregnancy (no smoking, no drinking, eat healthy etc). If you are able to exercise, continue to do so. Also, take the time to rest. The stress of an unwanted pregnancy can be incredibly taxing on your body.


On the note of physical rest, it will be incredibly important for your emotional health to rest, make sure you are getting enough sleep. On top of pregnancy hormones, the toll of a decision in an unwanted pregnancy can weigh you down heavily. Taking care of yourself physically will also benefit your mental health. Try to confide in family or friends you trust to work through your emotions. If you feel the need to speak to someone professionally, please seek help with no shame. Everyone needs emotional support from time to time, no matter the circumstance.


Even if you are not religious, pregnancy can make you develop many spiritual questions. You are now thinking not only of yourself and your own well-being, but also of your child. You will have a lot of internal dialogues about what decision you will make and what the future will hold for you and your child. Spirituality is less about religion and more about a reflection of the greater good. It is important to allow this internal dialogue and think through the decisions you are about to make. It may seem easier to give in to the fear of the situation and try to ignore the matters at hand. It will take a lot of soul searching to make a decision about your pregnancy and to continue throughout whatever journey you choose.

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